Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

Organic farming has become very popular now. Consumers get naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and fruits. It has become a niche market. Here are some organic farming tips for your garden.

Preparing the soil

It is the most important step in organic gardening. The soil must be nutritious for the crops to thrive.You should have organic matters in the soil and include compost each year.

soil - Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

Be prepared to lose some crop to pests

You should always plant a little extra. It is very normal for pests to attack your crops and you should be prepared for that. You should not use any chemical to treat the pests.

Use non-chemical pesticides and fertilizers

You should use homemade fertilizers. This will be better for your crops. If the pests are bothering you too much you can use non-chemical pesticides.

seed - Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

Buy organic seeds

These seeds are appropriate for organic growing. These seeds become adapted to organic production. These seeds don’t depend on outside input for growing. So, you won’t have to use chemicals to grow these seeds.

Weed regularly

You should weed your organic garden at least once a week. This way the weeds won’t get the chance to grow much. You can use a stirrup hoe to get under the roots of the weeds that are small. You won’t need to bend too much when you use a stirrup hoe to do the job.

weed - Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

All these tips are from professional organic farmers, so they definitely work. You should use these suggestions when growing food in an organic way.


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