The Importance of Farming

Farming is one of the earliest and most noble trades there is. And like all the existing farmers out there, I take it with great pride to be involved in such a dignified and promising field. While most people in the urban areas do not clearly see the value of farming, I have long understood the essence of it and why it is important.

Farming is essential

  • Farming provides better food

Farm fresh food is undoubtedly delicious

For most of mankind, at these modern days, mass-produced food takes the biggest portion on their plate. It is usually a rare occurrence to see farm fresh eggs, milk and cheese, pasture-raised chicken and pork and grass-fed beef. However, if you are into farming, this healthy beneficial type of food can be served at your plates any time of the day. Chefs and local food experts have associated farm fresh food with great taste. Of course, a delicious dish should be made of a well-raised lamb and considerately grown carrots. Also, I for my part like my salad if my cabbages, tomatoes, celery and everything in it are thoughtfully grown and freshly picked from the farm. The crispness and sweetness of the produce is highly valuable compared to the packed ones. One of my good farming friends also said that farm fresh food does not require apt cooking skills. They are already delicious in their nature.

Vegetable Garden G019810 - The Importance of Farming
Leafy vegetables

The merits of farm fresh food to our health are also indubitable. A lot of studies and statistics have shown and proven how nutrients such as omega 3 from the grass-fed meat and essential vitamins from freshly picked fruits and vegetables have created such big impact into helping people develop and maintain healthy lifestyle.

I had my share of carefree living in the past without the knowledge of how farming can truly benefit my life. However, when I had the chance to actually do it, I could not believe how I was able to let years of my life pass denying myself of the opportunity of bringing the best for myself. Now, I am just grateful and proud that I am actually doing this thing with my own hands and not letting others do it for me.

  • Farming can help boost the economy

There is good money in farming

A community’s development plan should prioritize food and how to feed its people. This goal, I believe is easily attainable through farming. Modernization has influenced the society to depend too much on processed foods. Little did they know that there is a great potential even in small farming because everyone can become prospective customers. People find it hard to consider farming because they think that it is difficult to do. There is so much work to be done and no one likes doing it anymore. This is entirely an allegory that needs to be impeded. Although it is in essence true that farming is difficult because it requires long unpredictable hours and too much heavy work, it can always be done by interested and passionate members. The changing and growing interest of people into farming has helped me lead a happy farming life at this present day.

vegetables 1024x502 - The Importance of Farming
Freshly harvested vegetables

Some also think that there is no profit in farming. Yes, I could say that there is no easy money in farming especially if you are first-generation farmers. During the first years, I conditioned myself accepting zero returns from my initial investment. However, even at those dark days, I can clearly see that there is sustainability in farming. The key principle straight from farm to customer works well especially with small-scale farming. The direct relationship of farmers and customers helps the farmer capture the entire margin and have the ability to offer prices. Adapting to new trends on marketing and sales by embracing the new social media tools can greatly help in gaining profits.

p9120048 1024x768 - The Importance of Farming
Local farm markets

Another myth that people falsely believed in for so long is that farm fresh food is only for the rich. The idea that there is a limited market is a big commercial challenge in farming. I totally disagree with this because I grew up seeing folks with low income venturing into growing vegetable and fruit gardens, raising chickens and goats to satiate their needs. Local products are cheaper compared to imported ones. Through direct sales, the prices of the produce can be maintained at tolerable levels only. Moreover, plenty of relevant business opportunities can be created through farming thus motivating the local economic development.

  • Farming allows remarkable conservation

Farmland needs to be preserved. It requires to be farmed properly.

cows - The Importance of Farming
Cows grazing in farm

I have a good way of promoting the state of the soil in my farm and the growth of the grass by moving the cows once in a day. This allows the nutrition to settle and the grass to recuperate and extend its roots deeper to the soil. The manure coming out from the grazers every day are then consistently spread and pressed to the ground makes notable fertilizer. The routines done daily at the farm serves amazing preservation cycle. Sometimes I even think that some of these farm activities are really set for managing the land, the meat and other product luckily serves as by-product.

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