How Modern Farming Saved the World

The modernization of farming methods is definitely an amazing agricultural evolution.

Farming as an aspect of Agriculture is one of the most relevant field in the economy because it suffices one of the most imperative needs of the populace which is food. Hence, technologies related to farming have evolved through the years. The traditional method of farming may still be present for some farms nowadays, but a lot of new farmers, like me, is adapting to innovation, simply because it always gets better.

The traditional agriculture methods which were practiced by my forefathers embody the original techniques that were developed through the relations of both social and environmental systems. It involves the intensive use of local information and natural resources that supports biological diversity. Simply put, traditional farmers focus on practices that preserve the fertility of soil, prevent the loss of top soil, hold water in the soil and produce stable harvests. These methods are really nourishing and sincere when it comes to conserving the environment and making sure that mankind consumes clean produce. However, with the way of the world drastically evolving, it is but just vital to develop new modern farming methods that could satiate the demand of the population. Some 200 years ago, a big portion of the populace is dedicated into living in the farms and producing their own food. In the recent years, only about two percent of the population is committed to producing food for the whole world to consume. It is for this immense reason that farmers use technology to make innovations in producing food that can meet the demands of the growing world.

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Farming using animals

Before modern farming was introduced, the agriculture sector yielded low and stagnant returns. The traditional labour-intensive phase of farming does not interest people anymore leading to fewer and fewer farmers. Most countries did not have the means of feeding their people. They rely on importing fruits and vegetables from foreign borders.

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Traditional way of planting

Modern farming methods developed through the years have helped in increasing the production of every sector in agriculture particularly in farming. These modern agriculture practices are not entirely new. Most of them are taken from traditional farm practices with the facilities of modern equipments and technology. Modifying the equipments and adopting the use of modern machineries have made big impacts on how the farmers manage and sustain their farms. In the past, it would take a long time for us farmers to complete farm activities because we only depend on horses and bulls to carry the work for us. The presence of tractor in today’s farming experience is such a big help. Motorized equipments can help farmers tend with lesser manual effort and shorter period of time. Another great improvement in farming methods is the availability of hybrid seeds and fertilizers and fusion of birds, fishes and farm animals that help in maximizing the production.

Modern farming methods are Nation’s top solution for the main issues.

Modern agriculture does not only benefit the farmers. It also brings vast economic and social benefits to consumers. When the cost of the food declines as a result of maximum production, the quality of life and living standards are improved. This, in return, raises the consumers’ income because it provides them greater purchasing power for other aspects like education, leisure and health care. Spending almost the entire income into food will result to a huge drag on the quality of life. With modern agriculture, consumers now have the control to choose from abundant choices of safe, nutritious and inexpensive food. Truthfully, all of mankind deserves the widest possible variety of affordable food variations.

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Water withdrawals from irrigation

Modern agriculture also raises global political stability thus avoiding food insecurity. By the use of existing and new technologies, improvement on the affordability of food is possible. Food supply is also increased when there is development in the degree of cooperation in the entire global food chain. Moreover, the combination of technology and high quality standards and systems aid in ensuring food safety in parallel to food availability.

The increased in production enables steadily improving diets and increases the availability of all foods and help the people to bring out their utmost potential leading to their better lives. Hunger and malnutrition are some of the biggest problems nations are facing today. The application of new technologies to advance farm production and food system will help alleviate these worsening problems. By history and facts, the innovations in agricultural technology have saved the world from previous major famines and devastating food wars.

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Modern Ploughing

Will we be able to say the same for the coming decades? Of course, with the continuous innovations on farming methods, we shall be guaranteed that the increase rate in crop yields shall kept pace with the growing population and the cost of the food remains to be affordable and will result to fewer and fewer of people getting hungry.

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