A Tractor’s Biography

I have been very vocal of my appreciation with agricultural evolution. I and my fellow farmers have been lucky receiving ends of the advancements in farming practices that make our life in the farm easier and more productive. Modern equipments are our way of life here at the farm. My personal favourite equipment that has helped me get through a lot of workload is definitely tractors. I see tractors as humble machines with lots of abilities that never fail any farmer most favours.

The humble tractor is certainly every farmer’s favourite universal farm machine.

During the initial launch of tractors in the market, they were at slow pace and burdensome to use. But with the demands of the farming sectors, advancements and developments were made to produce state-of-the-art farm tractors that are cost-effective to purchase because they are relatively easy to use.

Ivel Agricultural Tractor - A Tractor’s Biography
One of the first tractors

With the growing demands of food production and the farmers need to double their efforts in maximizing their products, tractors have been the lifeline of most farmers. In comparison to the old traditional farming days, tractors make it possible for farmers to complete rigorous farming activities in few shorter hours rather than days. Tractors further make it possible for a single hand to manage and tend the farm without the need to hire some more people.

The most endearing part of the humble tractors is that they do not require high and frequent maintenance. My first tractor has provided me with long years of service before I had the need to repair and replace it. Well, of course, you have to spend more on its initial cost but that would all be worth it because most often than not, its lifespan remarkably outweighs its financial outlay. With the farm tractor’s ability to reduce farm labours and correspondingly increase production in tenfold, the cost to invest in purchasing this universal farm machine can be easily recuperated within the next few months.

tractor photo - A Tractor’s Biography
High-end tractor

There is an appropriate tractor for every kind of farming job.

I have been using my tractors primarily for ploughing, tilling, planting fields, lawn care, landscape maintenance, clearing bushes and moving and spreading fertilizer. Tractors come in wide ranges and there is a right tractor for every kind of agricultural job. For heavy duty landscaping tasks such as hauling, digging and ploughing large gardens, pastures and fields, compact and subcompact tractors in horsepower range of 15HP to 40HP are the ideal ones. The smaller versions of the compact and subcompact tractors can perform gardening tasks like mowing, stirring mulch and tilling gardens. These compact tractors are apparently mini versions of the utility tractors and are best for landscaping activities. Utility tractors, which are also called diesel tractors, are ideal for performing complex farming tasks. They come in different models with horsepower ranging from 45HP to 110HP. Some farming accessories like front end loader attachments and back hoes can be attached to utility tractors so they can perform various agricultural jobs.

Tractor and Gulls .uk   1746638 1024x555 - A Tractor’s Biography

Tractors characteristically come with powerful engines to run through rough terrains and pull extremely heavy loads. They also come with cast iron front axles for extra strength and durability. Some state-of-the-art tractors are designed with powershift and hydrostatic transmission to abridge operation. Some tractors even have power steering for easier turning and exclusive shift controls and automatically responsive transmission to lessen operator’s fatigue.

When it comes to economic impact, tractors are amazing representation of important application of the internal combustion engine, beating off trucks and automobiles.

The humble universal agricultural machines have proven to make such major impact in both social and economic aspects. With its ability to increase the productivity in farm labours, so many worn-out and unpaid farm workers are freed up. It also allowed farms to expand and grow larger because one proprietor can already manage to till the land used to be managed by several workers. Economically, replacing horses and mules with tractors brought in positive economic impact. These agricultural machines consuming less expensive quantities of fuel are more cost-effective rather than growing and keeping up with farm animals. Moreover, most of the many farm workers freed up have contributed their worth in a different place which results to large economic benefits. Some studies even showed a significant increase of at least ten percent in wealth when tractors were introduced in the sector.

sp multipurpose 1024x506 - A Tractor’s Biography
Multi-purpose tractor

With so much in them, tractors are absolutely the most important innovation ever made in the agriculture sector. Personally, I cannot imagine where I am going to be and what will I do with my land without my ever reliable tractor friends. I have, for my part, tested and proven the abilities of these unassuming machines that had helped me achieve continuous increased in production through lesser intensive physical labours without wasting too much time.

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