5 regular tractor maintenance tips

You should maintain your tractor regularly to keep it in good condition. Here are some maintenance tips that can help you to run the equipment more smoothly.

Do a regular visual inspection of your tractor

You should check for any lose hoses, cables or leaks. If dirt builds up then it’s a sign of a small leak. In such case, you must replace the hose or tighten the drain plugs. You should also check the glass sediment bowl that is under the fuel filter.

Check the radiator fluid level

It is normal to lose fluids gradually over time. But if you need a huge amount of extra coolant then it indicates serious problems. The coolant may be leaking into the engine oil.

Check out the fan’s drive belt

The fan’s drive belt may wear. You should inspect the grill screen and the radiator core. If there is any debris or dirt, it must be cleared out with the help of air pressure. This way you will prevent damage to the fins on the radiator.

Check out the tractor’s oil

You should check the oil levels of your tractor. You should check the hydraulic and transmission fluid as well. You should add oil as needed.

Check the tire pressure

If you have low tire pressure then you will need more fuel to run the tractor. So, you should do regular checks on the tractor’s tire pressure.

These little maintenance tips will help you to keep your tractor in good condition. You will be able to use the tractor without trouble for a long time.

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