4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming

Almost all the aspects of our daily lives are affected by farming. Farmers raise dairy cows for milk. They harvest cotton fibers for our clothes, and more. Unlike before, farming has changed over the years. Some new technologies have been introduced in farming that has changed the way we do farming today. Here is a list of the most groundbreaking farming technologies.

tractor - 4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming


In the past people used to work on their fields using their physical strength or with the help of oxen, mules, and horses. During the 1870s self-propelled steam engines were used to harvest wheat. This was used for separating straw and debris. By the 1920s, tractors improved and become more light and versatile. In 1924, Farmall tractor was invented and the following years about 200 Farmalls were built every day to keep up with the demand.

The plow

In the ancient times, Egyptians turned the soil using iron-tipped wooden tool that was pulled by oxen. Later the plow was invented and land could be tilled faster than before. So, more crops could be produced in a shorter time. It also helps to control the weeds.

Fertilizer - 4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming


Before fertilizer was invented, crops depended only on the compounds in the soil for its growth. Application of commercial fertilizers has brought a big impact on farming. Commercial fertilizers which include a mixture of phosphate, nitrogen, and potash give high crop yields.


Biotechnology has various applications in the agricultural industry. Biotechnology can produce genetically modified organisms. It was first tried in the mid-1990s. Now, this technology is used widely to produce hybrids that have higher yields, short life cycles, and better pest resistance.

Biotechnology - 4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming

These technologies have revolutionized farming. It has made farming easier and now we can get a better yield of crops every year. Now we have become very dependent on these technologies.


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