Horseshoe Casino donates tractor to TradeWinds

A Good Act of Generosity

In Hammond, the Horseshoe Casino which is located approximately twenty minutes from Chicago serves as a gaming and entertainment institution. It is also famous for its exquisite restaurants, chic bars and cozy lounges. It prided itself as home of the highest limit. It has over 350,000 square feet of gaming space and presently has over 3,000 slot machines and 100 gaming tables. Customers love the regular poker tournaments which includes World Series of Poker. The Horseshoe Casino also has an entertainment space called The Venue which can function as an area for hosting events.

TradeWinds and Horseshoe Staff
TradeWinds and Horseshoe Staff

On the other hand, the TradeWinds institution is a non-profit organization that serves as home to 400 children with different disabilities. They provide services to children who need developmental, physical, behavioral and healthcare needs. They also offer Speech and Occupational Therapy services aside from summer camps. In addition, TradeWinds also cater to adults’ special need with services such as adult day program, prevocational training, and employment opportunities.

Recently, while most customers of Horseshoe Casino is thinking hard of tagging along with them tractors and trailer trucks to put on their winnings, the good people from TradeWinds have become lucky recipient of a tractor in very good used condition donated by Horseshoe Casino.

TradeWinds Logo
TradeWinds Logo

The tractor was presented by Horseshoe Casino’s Director of Finance Steve Cox and Regional Vice President of Human Resources Dawn Reynolds-Pettit. Steve Cox is also a Board Member of TradeWinds.

Reynolds-Pettit statement as they presented the tractor was “We are honored to present the John Deere tractor and trailer to TradeWinds. We hope this gift serves them well and helps with the maintenance of their facility.

Horseshoe Casino Hammond
Horseshoe Casino Hammond

A TradeWind’s staff, in response, said “We are very appreciative of Horseshoe’s lawn tractor donation to TradeWinds. It is a really nice and helpful piece of equipment that will be used to maintain the lawn at the main facility in Hobart.

This move of a profitable gaming institution extending help to a non-profitable organization is an amazing act of restoring faith in humanity.

Inside Horseshoe Casino Hammond
Inside Horseshoe Casino Hammond

Being a tractor enthusiast, I personally admire the idea of Horseshoe Casino donating a brilliant piece of equipment to TradesWind. Surely, TradesWind will get a lot of benefits from having a tractor for their main facility upkeep and preservation.

Great job Horseshoe Casino!


Tractors to Watch Out For

Are you only starting your own little farm or already a booming farmer? Whatever it is, you will essentially need tractor to run your land. I am an aficionado of this universal farm machine because it helped me in so many ways. And I would gladly suggest and inspire all other farmers to have at least one for their selves.

Some of the agricultural machine companies released new models this year and they are all fantastic. I had found some ways to see and try out some of these machines and able to put some reviews on them. Here, take some read:

2017 John Deere 3046R

John Deere 3046R
John Deere 3046R

This top-of-line compact utility tractor is included in the John Deere 3 Family deluxe models. It comes equipped with eHydro systems that have electronically controlled factors that brings comfort to operator and exponentially increase in productivity. It has speed sensor that maintains selected speed even while going up and down the hill, seven-position rotary knob that set the transmission response for gentle directional changes during carrying of heavy loads and abrupt directional change for faster mowing activities, and the convenient eThrottle that helps save fuel. It comes with two loaders with built-in stands that are easy to attach and detach.

This new utility tractor from the reputable John Deere brand may appear to some a bit pricier, but believe me when I say it is just reasonable for its comfort and practicality.

2017 John Deere X730

Another line-up of John Deere that launches a new model is its X700 Series. This signature series is known for producing extreme operator satisfaction with its significant capabilities, almost-perfect ergonomic perfection, durability, ease of use and comfort. Considering all of its functionalities, this series is a bit expensive but is regarded to be as heavy-duty lawn and garden tractors that mostly incomparable to others.

John Deere X730
John Deere X730

It comes with a hardwearing robotically welded frame with fabricated side rails and bumper that can support four 42-pound suitcase weights. It is equipped with the same powerful gasoline and diesel engines that covers a range of efficiency, power and terrain-tackling capabilities and power plant that is efficient and environment friendly. This tractor might not be made for everybody because of its price but when you have the opportunity to own one, make sure to have one.

2017 Kubota BX23S

Kubota BX23S
Kubota BX23S

Kubota are quite known for their tractors that are remarkably compact and easy to operate. It is equipped with the same robust engine like its predecessors. My personal favoured feature for this tractor is its ability to attach and detach the two loaders available without the operator having to get off the tractor. The operator platform is spacious, flat, rubber-isolated and ergonomically outlined. The dash is very automotive-like complete with analogue fuel gauges, warning lights, and cruise control. The whole layout of the vehicle is made with more steel and minimal plastic. For those preferring subcompact tractors, this new BX23S tractor can be well considered.

2017 Mahindra 2538 TLB

Mahindra 2538 TLB
Mahindra 2538 TLB

This tractor-loader-backhoe is equipped with only one transmission choice that is controlled by a side-by-side pedal arrangement which allows well-modulated control over the entire forward/reverse speed range. It has a more useable placement with aggressive hood slopes and wider tires giving the vehicle a more planted feel. 2538 TLB is also equipped with dual gear pump flowing hydraulics, standard position control and a three-point hitch lift capacity. Even though it has roughly the same functionalities with 1538 TLB, I would personally pick the newer 2538 model because of its easier fuelling location, wider tires, separate backhoe seat and the comfortable side-by-side hydro pedal arrangement.

2017 New Holland Boomer 47

New Holland Boomer 47
New Holland Boomer 47

The hydrostatic transmission of the Boomer 47 comes with a three-range transmission modulated by a pair of side-by-side pedals that allows fine forward and reverse modulation. It also comes with a standard cruise ad position control. One of the highlights of this vehicle is the extended wheelbase with sufficient legroom. The control layout is organized and operator-friendly and comes with colour coded controls and easily readable backlit dash. The high-back designed chair with armrest and adjustable height brings a lot of comfort to the operator. The steering wheel also tilts easily for operator’s preference. The rubber-isolated, mostly flat floorboard, both fender grab handles, satisfactorily integrated joystick and automotive-style racketing brake lever that locks positively are cosy additions. Another brilliant feature of the Boomer 47 is that it can come in New Holland’s SuperSuite Cab which is a four-pillar design that offers better side and wide glass door visibility and easier access. It has high-visibility roof panel that increases visibility for loader work. The Boomer 47 is outstanding when it comes to durability, capability and comfort and is ideal for every type of operator and whatever type of tractor activities.


How to Feed Tomorrow?

It is not a secret to all of us that our population is growing by each second. With this fact, ballpark figure shows that the global population will then reach 9.6 billion by 2050. That is roughly about an extra billion of mouths to feed come a decade. So how will the Agriculture sector able to face this huge and inevitable challenge especially with the additional factors such as increasing need for fresh water, limited availability of arable lands and climate change?

Simple Truth: Global Agriculture must double in the next 30 years to sustain this unavoidable population growth.

Even though most progressive nations have practiced mechanized agriculture, most survival countries are still struggling with labour-intensive and low-reward means that are mostly harassed with environmental changes and economic downturns. In addition, it can already be seen that climate change has started to negatively impact agricultural production both locally and globally. And there is this vast reality that most of the resources needed for sustaining food security are already on the verge of getting condensed. However, the main goal should remain that farms must continue to preserve the environment even with running efforts to increase food production. This cannot be merely done considering today’s existing farm practices.

Agriculture was able to feed the people for thousands of years and confidently will do so for the next thousand years more.

Being a farmer responsible for this upcoming challenge in our field, I delve into quite a few researches as to what the Agriculture sector has prepared for this colossal undertaking come the future. There are already certain visions, specific new trends and modern advancements being further discussed and studied by the experts.

Farming the desert

Grape field in the Desert
Grape field in the Desert

There is a big future in growing food in the desert using the abundant supply of seawater close by. This can be possibly done by creating seawater greenhouses that are equipped with prevailing winds, fans and simple evaporators to convert seawater into fresh creating a humid environment where plants can successfully grow.

Precision Farming

With today’s technology advancement, GPS-powered tractors will be able to apply fertilizer and water seeds with sub-inch accuracy. Some experts have designed a system of underground soil sensors that are planted in the field and beam data using low-frequency signals. These sensors will constantly measure temperature, moisture and nutrient data and will pass on the information wirelessly to a central computer. This will greatly aid farmers in exacting the amount and application of fertilizer because temperature and water will provide information about the cycling of nitrogen and carbon through the soil that will result to a material savings on fertilizer and other important resources.

Cassava as supercrop
Cassava as supercrop

Grow Supercrops

Some continents, particularly Africa struggles with food security. There are thousands of people in there that remains malnourished. They rely on cassava as their staple food because it is relatively cheap and is not difficult to grow even in worst conditions. However, cassava is mostly deficient in vitamins and minerals that are much needed by the human body. Scientists are now seeking ways to develop cassava as the powerbar of the vegetable world. They will develop a cassava variety with more nutrients, extra virus resistance, longer shelf-life and no cyanide-producing toxins in the roots.

Indoor vertical farming
Indoor vertical farming

Substitute Fertilizer

It is a common knowledge for all of us that fertilizer has exponentially helped increased crop yields for many decades now. However, on-going process has been done by some experts to innovate fertilizers into man-made ones by using microbes. About 300 naturally occurring soil microbes were combined and found out to simultaneously trim down the need for phosphorous and nitrogen fertilizers; protect plants against pathogens and increase yields for every crop. This new microbe-based fertilizer is self-sustaining and more affordable.

Vertical Farming

Arable lands are of limited amount in most nations and will continue to become one in the next several years. Vertical farming is a good solution especially to urban areas because it enables people to cultivate plants within enthusiastic and mix-use skyscrapers. By using techniques similar to that of glass houses, vertical farms can supplement natural light through the use of energy-efficient lighting. Vertical farming offers a lot of benefits which include year-round crop production, protection from weather, lesser transport cost and support urban food independence.

Outdoor vertical farming
Outdoor vertical farming

The farming sector has witnessed quite a lot of evolutions for the past hundred years because of its growing market to cater. Surely, it will survive some more years, even tougher to address certain demands. However, the real challenge of producing nutritious, affordable and good quality food remains constant. The answer to this huge challenge of providing double results with limited resources is always technology. It boils down to successfully managing complexities and correspondingly increasing efficiencies. It will create a solution that prioritizes in limiting waste and maximizing production while preserving the environment.


Top Tractors through the Years

Thanks to these finest brands for the best tractors

Several times over the course of the growing season, you would see a lot of farmers start and end their days on tractors. Of course, these machines have been our most indispensable equipments at the farm. Most of a farmer’s time in the farm is spent comfortably steering tractors. And for the “tractorphile” fellows who usually have a large fleet of their own, there is nothing more satisfactory than having the best machine as part of the squad.

John Deere 4020
John Deere 4020

Folks in the city might be overwhelmed when ask about their favourite cars, but among us farm people; there is nothing more interesting than talks and debates about the best tractors of all time. It is a decisive matter to put up a list of the best looking and most profound performing tractors in the world but I would try my best to put my personal take on the greatest brands of tractors among the hundreds that are made known in the market.

You can never go wrong with classic and of good reputation brands.

I have the highest respect to John Deere tractors. True to its leaping deer logo and famous slogan “nothing runs like Deere”, this American brand truthfully lives up to its words creating some of the best agricultural multi-utility vehicles. It started its production in 1918 featuring high horse power and better hydraulics that has been sought after by consumers. Their tractors prioritize in providing comfort adding up speakers and air conditioners to the units. One of the most notable models produced by John Deere was the 4020 model. It was an amped-up version of the previously launched 4010 model but featured more horsepower with an optional power shift transmission. The more compact version of John Deere’s Model A tractor which is the Model B is also outstanding because of its 4-speed transmission and front-wheel options.

Farmall H
Farmall H

Farmall tractors are also highly regarded. These farm utility vehicles are manufactured by International Harvester which is an American brand. They are considered as basic purpose tractors because they are ideal for small-scale farming with cost-effective features. One of their popular vehicles is the Farmall Model M tractors which are powered by diesel. One of the tractors from the M series came with high-clearance and was referred to as vegetable version. The H series of Farmall also dominates because of their availability in both gas and distillate configurations. It features a five-speed gearbox and 24HP overhead valve engine which is capable of high speed power to 27 mph that are recommended for farms around 160 acres. They have the ability to cultivate up to 35 acres per day.

There are a lot to admire in Ford Performance Vehicles. Ford tractors were the first to launch in mass scale with cost affordable to average farmers. The best selling Ford tractor is the Ford Model 8N. It has an average sale of more than 400 tractors a day for five straight years making it accountable for 25% of all tractors manufactured in the US at that time. It is equipped with a four-speed transmission and a position-control setting for the hydraulics. The NAA Golden Jubilee model of Ford was released during their 50th anniversary and is regarded as one of the best tractors of the company. It is four inches higher, four inches longer and a hundred pounds heavier than the previous N-series which it successfully replaced. Its notable 134 cubic-inch engine that is capable of 32HP and four-speed transmission is its best feature.

Ford NAA Golden Jubilee
Ford NAA Golden Jubilee

Agricultural machines from Massey Ferguson are also prominent. This Canadian company which started in 1847 produced the first ever four-wheel drive tractors. They launched 300 series but the most popular model was the 399 which is powered by a range of 97HP engine to 130HP at the outset of the manufacturing process.

One of the old Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers that brought a good name in producing excellent utility farming vehicles is Allis Chalmers. It is one of the big companies that are capable in producing the most powerful tractor for the size during 1953 to 1957. The WD45 is even regarded as the most important tractors ever built by the company. Apparently, Allis Chalmers made available a model that is considered affordable and became a workable option for most farmers. It is set with a 201 cubic-inch, inline-four-engine that is capable to run by gasoline, alcohol and kerosene. Its configuration settings are allowed for all steel wheels and rubber tires.

Allis Chalmers WD45
Allis Chalmers WD45

I have seen so many developments in the manufacturing of new and modern tractors in the recent years. And I believe that there are more coming up. This might mean that choosing the right tractor to invest might become somewhat audacious and confusing. However, I can confidently say, that because of the tractor’s indispensable characteristics and how they are able to make quite a few things in the agricultural sector possible, the reality will stay that tractors be regarded as the most useful tool a farmer can have.


A Tractor’s Biography

I have been very vocal of my appreciation with agricultural evolution. I and my fellow farmers have been lucky receiving ends of the advancements in farming practices that make our life in the farm easier and more productive. Modern equipments are our way of life here at the farm. My personal favourite equipment that has helped me get through a lot of workload is definitely tractors. I see tractors as humble machines with lots of abilities that never fail any farmer most favours.

The humble tractor is certainly every farmer’s favourite universal farm machine.

During the initial launch of tractors in the market, they were at slow pace and burdensome to use. But with the demands of the farming sectors, advancements and developments were made to produce state-of-the-art farm tractors that are cost-effective to purchase because they are relatively easy to use.

Ivel Agricultural Tractor - A Tractor’s Biography
One of the first tractors

With the growing demands of food production and the farmers need to double their efforts in maximizing their products, tractors have been the lifeline of most farmers. In comparison to the old traditional farming days, tractors make it possible for farmers to complete rigorous farming activities in few shorter hours rather than days. Tractors further make it possible for a single hand to manage and tend the farm without the need to hire some more people.

The most endearing part of the humble tractors is that they do not require high and frequent maintenance. My first tractor has provided me with long years of service before I had the need to repair and replace it. Well, of course, you have to spend more on its initial cost but that would all be worth it because most often than not, its lifespan remarkably outweighs its financial outlay. With the farm tractor’s ability to reduce farm labours and correspondingly increase production in tenfold, the cost to invest in purchasing this universal farm machine can be easily recuperated within the next few months.

tractor photo - A Tractor’s Biography
High-end tractor

There is an appropriate tractor for every kind of farming job.

I have been using my tractors primarily for ploughing, tilling, planting fields, lawn care, landscape maintenance, clearing bushes and moving and spreading fertilizer. Tractors come in wide ranges and there is a right tractor for every kind of agricultural job. For heavy duty landscaping tasks such as hauling, digging and ploughing large gardens, pastures and fields, compact and subcompact tractors in horsepower range of 15HP to 40HP are the ideal ones. The smaller versions of the compact and subcompact tractors can perform gardening tasks like mowing, stirring mulch and tilling gardens. These compact tractors are apparently mini versions of the utility tractors and are best for landscaping activities. Utility tractors, which are also called diesel tractors, are ideal for performing complex farming tasks. They come in different models with horsepower ranging from 45HP to 110HP. Some farming accessories like front end loader attachments and back hoes can be attached to utility tractors so they can perform various agricultural jobs.

Tractor and Gulls .uk   1746638 1024x555 - A Tractor’s Biography

Tractors characteristically come with powerful engines to run through rough terrains and pull extremely heavy loads. They also come with cast iron front axles for extra strength and durability. Some state-of-the-art tractors are designed with powershift and hydrostatic transmission to abridge operation. Some tractors even have power steering for easier turning and exclusive shift controls and automatically responsive transmission to lessen operator’s fatigue.

When it comes to economic impact, tractors are amazing representation of important application of the internal combustion engine, beating off trucks and automobiles.

The humble universal agricultural machines have proven to make such major impact in both social and economic aspects. With its ability to increase the productivity in farm labours, so many worn-out and unpaid farm workers are freed up. It also allowed farms to expand and grow larger because one proprietor can already manage to till the land used to be managed by several workers. Economically, replacing horses and mules with tractors brought in positive economic impact. These agricultural machines consuming less expensive quantities of fuel are more cost-effective rather than growing and keeping up with farm animals. Moreover, most of the many farm workers freed up have contributed their worth in a different place which results to large economic benefits. Some studies even showed a significant increase of at least ten percent in wealth when tractors were introduced in the sector.

sp multipurpose 1024x506 - A Tractor’s Biography
Multi-purpose tractor

With so much in them, tractors are absolutely the most important innovation ever made in the agriculture sector. Personally, I cannot imagine where I am going to be and what will I do with my land without my ever reliable tractor friends. I have, for my part, tested and proven the abilities of these unassuming machines that had helped me achieve continuous increased in production through lesser intensive physical labours without wasting too much time.


How Modern Farming Saved the World

The modernization of farming methods is definitely an amazing agricultural evolution.

Farming as an aspect of Agriculture is one of the most relevant field in the economy because it suffices one of the most imperative needs of the populace which is food. Hence, technologies related to farming have evolved through the years. The traditional method of farming may still be present for some farms nowadays, but a lot of new farmers, like me, is adapting to innovation, simply because it always gets better.

The traditional agriculture methods which were practiced by my forefathers embody the original techniques that were developed through the relations of both social and environmental systems. It involves the intensive use of local information and natural resources that supports biological diversity. Simply put, traditional farmers focus on practices that preserve the fertility of soil, prevent the loss of top soil, hold water in the soil and produce stable harvests. These methods are really nourishing and sincere when it comes to conserving the environment and making sure that mankind consumes clean produce. However, with the way of the world drastically evolving, it is but just vital to develop new modern farming methods that could satiate the demand of the population. Some 200 years ago, a big portion of the populace is dedicated into living in the farms and producing their own food. In the recent years, only about two percent of the population is committed to producing food for the whole world to consume. It is for this immense reason that farmers use technology to make innovations in producing food that can meet the demands of the growing world.

farming india food security green revolution photo - How Modern Farming Saved the World
Farming using animals

Before modern farming was introduced, the agriculture sector yielded low and stagnant returns. The traditional labour-intensive phase of farming does not interest people anymore leading to fewer and fewer farmers. Most countries did not have the means of feeding their people. They rely on importing fruits and vegetables from foreign borders.

article 0 14984D01000005DC 427 634x396 - How Modern Farming Saved the World
Traditional way of planting

Modern farming methods developed through the years have helped in increasing the production of every sector in agriculture particularly in farming. These modern agriculture practices are not entirely new. Most of them are taken from traditional farm practices with the facilities of modern equipments and technology. Modifying the equipments and adopting the use of modern machineries have made big impacts on how the farmers manage and sustain their farms. In the past, it would take a long time for us farmers to complete farm activities because we only depend on horses and bulls to carry the work for us. The presence of tractor in today’s farming experience is such a big help. Motorized equipments can help farmers tend with lesser manual effort and shorter period of time. Another great improvement in farming methods is the availability of hybrid seeds and fertilizers and fusion of birds, fishes and farm animals that help in maximizing the production.

Modern farming methods are Nation’s top solution for the main issues.

Modern agriculture does not only benefit the farmers. It also brings vast economic and social benefits to consumers. When the cost of the food declines as a result of maximum production, the quality of life and living standards are improved. This, in return, raises the consumers’ income because it provides them greater purchasing power for other aspects like education, leisure and health care. Spending almost the entire income into food will result to a huge drag on the quality of life. With modern agriculture, consumers now have the control to choose from abundant choices of safe, nutritious and inexpensive food. Truthfully, all of mankind deserves the widest possible variety of affordable food variations.

20121010 9cceebbd94363808d570d resized 638x426 - How Modern Farming Saved the World
Water withdrawals from irrigation

Modern agriculture also raises global political stability thus avoiding food insecurity. By the use of existing and new technologies, improvement on the affordability of food is possible. Food supply is also increased when there is development in the degree of cooperation in the entire global food chain. Moreover, the combination of technology and high quality standards and systems aid in ensuring food safety in parallel to food availability.

The increased in production enables steadily improving diets and increases the availability of all foods and help the people to bring out their utmost potential leading to their better lives. Hunger and malnutrition are some of the biggest problems nations are facing today. The application of new technologies to advance farm production and food system will help alleviate these worsening problems. By history and facts, the innovations in agricultural technology have saved the world from previous major famines and devastating food wars.

6608733 113839518000 2 - How Modern Farming Saved the World
Modern Ploughing

Will we be able to say the same for the coming decades? Of course, with the continuous innovations on farming methods, we shall be guaranteed that the increase rate in crop yields shall kept pace with the growing population and the cost of the food remains to be affordable and will result to fewer and fewer of people getting hungry.


The Importance of Farming

Farming is one of the earliest and most noble trades there is. And like all the existing farmers out there, I take it with great pride to be involved in such a dignified and promising field. While most people in the urban areas do not clearly see the value of farming, I have long understood the essence of it and why it is important.

Farming is essential

  • Farming provides better food

Farm fresh food is undoubtedly delicious

For most of mankind, at these modern days, mass-produced food takes the biggest portion on their plate. It is usually a rare occurrence to see farm fresh eggs, milk and cheese, pasture-raised chicken and pork and grass-fed beef. However, if you are into farming, this healthy beneficial type of food can be served at your plates any time of the day. Chefs and local food experts have associated farm fresh food with great taste. Of course, a delicious dish should be made of a well-raised lamb and considerately grown carrots. Also, I for my part like my salad if my cabbages, tomatoes, celery and everything in it are thoughtfully grown and freshly picked from the farm. The crispness and sweetness of the produce is highly valuable compared to the packed ones. One of my good farming friends also said that farm fresh food does not require apt cooking skills. They are already delicious in their nature.

Vegetable Garden G019810 - The Importance of Farming
Leafy vegetables

The merits of farm fresh food to our health are also indubitable. A lot of studies and statistics have shown and proven how nutrients such as omega 3 from the grass-fed meat and essential vitamins from freshly picked fruits and vegetables have created such big impact into helping people develop and maintain healthy lifestyle.

I had my share of carefree living in the past without the knowledge of how farming can truly benefit my life. However, when I had the chance to actually do it, I could not believe how I was able to let years of my life pass denying myself of the opportunity of bringing the best for myself. Now, I am just grateful and proud that I am actually doing this thing with my own hands and not letting others do it for me.

  • Farming can help boost the economy

There is good money in farming

A community’s development plan should prioritize food and how to feed its people. This goal, I believe is easily attainable through farming. Modernization has influenced the society to depend too much on processed foods. Little did they know that there is a great potential even in small farming because everyone can become prospective customers. People find it hard to consider farming because they think that it is difficult to do. There is so much work to be done and no one likes doing it anymore. This is entirely an allegory that needs to be impeded. Although it is in essence true that farming is difficult because it requires long unpredictable hours and too much heavy work, it can always be done by interested and passionate members. The changing and growing interest of people into farming has helped me lead a happy farming life at this present day.

vegetables 1024x502 - The Importance of Farming
Freshly harvested vegetables

Some also think that there is no profit in farming. Yes, I could say that there is no easy money in farming especially if you are first-generation farmers. During the first years, I conditioned myself accepting zero returns from my initial investment. However, even at those dark days, I can clearly see that there is sustainability in farming. The key principle straight from farm to customer works well especially with small-scale farming. The direct relationship of farmers and customers helps the farmer capture the entire margin and have the ability to offer prices. Adapting to new trends on marketing and sales by embracing the new social media tools can greatly help in gaining profits.

p9120048 1024x768 - The Importance of Farming
Local farm markets

Another myth that people falsely believed in for so long is that farm fresh food is only for the rich. The idea that there is a limited market is a big commercial challenge in farming. I totally disagree with this because I grew up seeing folks with low income venturing into growing vegetable and fruit gardens, raising chickens and goats to satiate their needs. Local products are cheaper compared to imported ones. Through direct sales, the prices of the produce can be maintained at tolerable levels only. Moreover, plenty of relevant business opportunities can be created through farming thus motivating the local economic development.

  • Farming allows remarkable conservation

Farmland needs to be preserved. It requires to be farmed properly.

cows - The Importance of Farming
Cows grazing in farm

I have a good way of promoting the state of the soil in my farm and the growth of the grass by moving the cows once in a day. This allows the nutrition to settle and the grass to recuperate and extend its roots deeper to the soil. The manure coming out from the grazers every day are then consistently spread and pressed to the ground makes notable fertilizer. The routines done daily at the farm serves amazing preservation cycle. Sometimes I even think that some of these farm activities are really set for managing the land, the meat and other product luckily serves as by-product.


5 regular tractor maintenance tips

You should maintain your tractor regularly to keep it in good condition. Here are some maintenance tips that can help you to run the equipment more smoothly.

Do a regular visual inspection of your tractor

You should check for any lose hoses, cables or leaks. If dirt builds up then it’s a sign of a small leak. In such case, you must replace the hose or tighten the drain plugs. You should also check the glass sediment bowl that is under the fuel filter.

Check the radiator fluid level

It is normal to lose fluids gradually over time. But if you need a huge amount of extra coolant then it indicates serious problems. The coolant may be leaking into the engine oil.

Check out the fan’s drive belt

The fan’s drive belt may wear. You should inspect the grill screen and the radiator core. If there is any debris or dirt, it must be cleared out with the help of air pressure. This way you will prevent damage to the fins on the radiator.

Check out the tractor’s oil

You should check the oil levels of your tractor. You should check the hydraulic and transmission fluid as well. You should add oil as needed.

Check the tire pressure

If you have low tire pressure then you will need more fuel to run the tractor. So, you should do regular checks on the tractor’s tire pressure.

These little maintenance tips will help you to keep your tractor in good condition. You will be able to use the tractor without trouble for a long time.


4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming

Almost all the aspects of our daily lives are affected by farming. Farmers raise dairy cows for milk. They harvest cotton fibers for our clothes, and more. Unlike before, farming has changed over the years. Some new technologies have been introduced in farming that has changed the way we do farming today. Here is a list of the most groundbreaking farming technologies.

tractor - 4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming


In the past people used to work on their fields using their physical strength or with the help of oxen, mules, and horses. During the 1870s self-propelled steam engines were used to harvest wheat. This was used for separating straw and debris. By the 1920s, tractors improved and become more light and versatile. In 1924, Farmall tractor was invented and the following years about 200 Farmalls were built every day to keep up with the demand.

The plow

In the ancient times, Egyptians turned the soil using iron-tipped wooden tool that was pulled by oxen. Later the plow was invented and land could be tilled faster than before. So, more crops could be produced in a shorter time. It also helps to control the weeds.

Fertilizer - 4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming


Before fertilizer was invented, crops depended only on the compounds in the soil for its growth. Application of commercial fertilizers has brought a big impact on farming. Commercial fertilizers which include a mixture of phosphate, nitrogen, and potash give high crop yields.


Biotechnology has various applications in the agricultural industry. Biotechnology can produce genetically modified organisms. It was first tried in the mid-1990s. Now, this technology is used widely to produce hybrids that have higher yields, short life cycles, and better pest resistance.

Biotechnology - 4 groundbreaking farming technologies that have changed farming

These technologies have revolutionized farming. It has made farming easier and now we can get a better yield of crops every year. Now we have become very dependent on these technologies.



Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

Organic farming has become very popular now. Consumers get naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and fruits. It has become a niche market. Here are some organic farming tips for your garden.

Preparing the soil

It is the most important step in organic gardening. The soil must be nutritious for the crops to thrive.You should have organic matters in the soil and include compost each year.

soil - Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

Be prepared to lose some crop to pests

You should always plant a little extra. It is very normal for pests to attack your crops and you should be prepared for that. You should not use any chemical to treat the pests.

Use non-chemical pesticides and fertilizers

You should use homemade fertilizers. This will be better for your crops. If the pests are bothering you too much you can use non-chemical pesticides.

seed - Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

Buy organic seeds

These seeds are appropriate for organic growing. These seeds become adapted to organic production. These seeds don’t depend on outside input for growing. So, you won’t have to use chemicals to grow these seeds.

Weed regularly

You should weed your organic garden at least once a week. This way the weeds won’t get the chance to grow much. You can use a stirrup hoe to get under the roots of the weeds that are small. You won’t need to bend too much when you use a stirrup hoe to do the job.

weed - Top 5 organic farming tips for your garden

All these tips are from professional organic farmers, so they definitely work. You should use these suggestions when growing food in an organic way.